What Type of Air Filter Should I Use for My Truck?

The type of engine air filter you should buy depends on what's most important to you, both in the long and short term. There are three common types of air filters: paper, gauze, and foam filters. Paper air filters are the most popular type in today's cars. One of the reasons for their popularity is their affordable price, but this does not mean that they are suitable for every car.

They're best for small cars and geographic areas with low pollution or dust levels. Paper filters are not reusable and must be replaced regularly. To determine the exact type of air filter your engine needs, consult your vehicle's owner's manual or search for parts on the filter manufacturer's website. Foam air filters are rarely seen in cars; however, some manufacturers offer foam wraps that cover an existing air filter and act as a pre-filter.

This style of air filter comes standard on most vehicles and offers a great balance between affordability and effective filtration. Changing the air filter can benefit the engine by improving the combustion of the air flow, resulting in better fuel economy and performance. These filters need to be changed infrequently (usually every 50,000 miles) and can last the life of the car. If your vehicle has to endure very dusty conditions, a foam prefilter wrap is a great improvement that will extend air filter service intervals and protect the engine.

Most standard filters work for a year or 12,000 to 15,000 miles, but if you drive on dirt or gravel roads or live near a beach with lots of sand in the air, then a quality performance filter with a lower micron rating and higher filtration efficiency might be the best engine air filter for your needs. A clean air filter helps the engine burn fuel properly and prevents dirt, dust, and other particles from endangering critical internal components. An air filter is the engine's first line of defense against harmful contaminants and particles that can affect its performance and even cause significant long-term damage. Like the oil filter, replacing the engine air filter at recommended intervals is critical to maintaining the proper amount of air flow and protecting the engine.

Oiled gauze is perhaps the most popular reusable air filter design for cars, but other manufacturers use synthetic dry gauze that requires occasional cleaning with a patented cleaning solution. Made from high quality materials to withstand driving conditions, these filters are durable replacements for factory-made air filters. There are now more options than ever to replace air filters, so choosing the best one can feel overwhelming. We have replacement air filters designed to fit most cars and that are securely fixed to prevent air leaks.

Replacing the engine air filter every 12 months can help improve acceleration and optimize overall engine efficiency. It is important to choose an appropriate type of filter depending on your needs and driving conditions. Paper filters are suitable for small cars in low pollution areas while foam wraps are great for dusty conditions. Performance filters with higher filtration efficiency are recommended if you drive on dirt or gravel roads or live near a beach with lots of sand in the air.

Oiled gauze or synthetic dry gauze filters are also good options if you want a reusable filter that requires occasional cleaning with a patented cleaning solution.

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